**No more inconvenient striking and re-setting your current drink holders from your director’s chairs.

---adjusts to fit any drink!
--always stays in place
--even holds your COMTEX

Good for use on:
  .director’s chairs 
  .camera carts 
  .camera dollies
  .script stands*
  .mic stands
  . just about any chair!

*call for details

                                   OUR STORY:

One day, after 7 different location shoots in a single day, a frustrated Property Master decided there had to be a better way to accommodate his cast & crew’s drink holder needs.  At the time, his director’s chairs sported the typical metal cup holders which were not collapsible and therefore required removal and re-installation with each location change!  This task repeatedly robbed his department of valuable time.  Plus the drink holder needs of his cast and crew members were not adequately being met at all times. 

Now, using his new innovative WheresMyCupHolder, the laborious task of striking and re-setting those former metal drink holders is gone forever!  No more time consuming hassles for him, no more frustrated people calling out for their cup holders. These are such handy Cup Holders, that even the camera guys have been ordering them for their equipment!  In fact, we’re confident that they will work nicely on just about any chair, for any use!! So  now everyone can be happy and well hydrated!!!

WheresMyCupHolder is durably collapsible, always attached to every chair and efficiently ready to accommodate any size drink imaginable!